Doug and Wayne have been collaborating in the studio and onstage since late 2013 and have one exclusive EP release to date (August 2015), titled SMALLEST SIGN. In addition, Wayne has contributed to Doug’s solo releases and Doug has contributed to Wayne’s solo releases. It’s complicated, but here are some samples of original music they’ve written and/or recorded together:


Smallest Sign

When You’re Not Here

Build Your Own Damn House

I Can’t Wait

Time To Hit The Road

After SMALLEST SIGN was released, Wayne immediately jumped into another EP project titled WE KNOW, which contained seven songs he wrote with seven different co-writers, including Doug, with whom Wayne co-wrote “No Other Way”. Beyond that song, Doug was a major presence in this project, playing guitar and other instruments on five tracks and  engineering everything else. WE KNOW was released in April of 2016.


1. “Lose To Win” (co-written with Jacson Miller)

2. “No Other Way” (co-written with Doug Millaway)

3. “A Lifetime To Forget” (co-written with Marc-Alan Barnette)

4. “Drew Her Heart” (co-written with Mike Subialka)

5. “We Know” (co-written with David Werhane)

6. “The Tree” (co-written with Larry Suess)

7. “Goodbye” (co-written with Mike Rudquist)


In September of 2016, Doug released OTHER VOICES, comprised of 15 songs that he wrote, which were performed by 15 different musicians. Below is the song (“I Don’t Think About Love”) Wayne sang in this collection.


“I Don’t Think About Love” Composed by Doug Millaway


In July of 2017, Wayne released another EP, titled LOVE GROWS, which included two solo writes, two with Doug, and three more songs with three other songwriters:

1. Love Grows (co-written with Doug Millaway)

2. Second Wife First

3. The Choice (co-written with Doug Millaway)

4. Find the Sun

5. Spoke Too Soon (co-written with Mike Rudquist)

6. Next Generation (co-written with Mike Subialka)

7. Easy for Me (co-written with David Werhane)



In addition to the original songs sampled above, Two Tone regularly performs cover tunes at their shows. They select and arrange a wide variety of songs from all genres, providing a little something for everybody. Enjoy!

The Band Carole King Michael Peter Smith
Zac Brown Pure Prairie League James Taylor
Ray Charles Lieber & Stoller Ian Tyson/Judy Collins
Eric Clapton Gordon Lightfoot Townes Van Zandt
Donovan Buddy Mondlock Bobby Vee
Bob Dylan Buck Owens John Waite
The Eagles Tom Paxton David Wilcox
Steve Goodman John Prine Neil Young
Holland & Dozier Bobby Short