Doug Millaway

Doug Millaway grew up in St. Louis MO, but has lived in or near Minnesota for the past 31 years. Back in Missouri, he began his musical journey by swiping his older brother’s guitar and sitting on the front porch hammering out chords and riffs for anyone who would listen, and sometimes for those that didn’t know they were a make-believe arena audience. With no formal music instruction, except for about three lessons on cornet (which was a major fail), he taught himself many instruments, including percussion, keyboards and anything that looked like a guitar.

Nowadays, Doug is playing in a few different groups, including this duo.  Other groups include the St. Cloud, MN area Americana band called Broken Fiddle and the Gackle Trucker Band, which started in the Detroit Lakes area over 25 years ago. Doug plays baritone and concert ukulele, tenor guitar, and acoustic guitar with these groups, along with providing play on cajon.

A thing of pride for Doug is his home studio, called Blind Owl Studio. It started out on an 8-track tape recorder in Detroit Lakes, MN a long time ago, and has morphed into a pretty decent digital studio in Avon, MN. Not only has he recorded his own original music, but he has also recorded a multitude of musicians from the Central Minnesota area. In addition, he has mentored many young musicians as they begin their foray into the music world.

Doug is a member of ASCAP and the Minnesota Association of Songwriters. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Avon Area Arts Association.

For more information on a special project of his, please visit the site of his Other Voices information page. This is a project featuring 15 of his original songs played by other musicians throughout the country.

Photo: Doug Jenkins